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the_last_fall [userpic]
The Third Murder
by the_last_fall (the_last_fall)
at October 30th, 2006 (08:54 am)

I have something slightly different tonight. This time you will not be trying to find where I am because currently I'm on buisness in Meifu and don't have the soul with me for obvious reasons. 

I was in a rage I am sorry to say and killed him rather violently. *smirks* As poppet has so stated, he was the boyfriend of my previous victim. This time you must tell me where I murdered him using the clue in this entry. I hunted him down and stripped him down to his boxers. I then let him scramble about in the darkness, scaring him out of his wits at any chance I got. I slashed at him when he ran by me and before I was done he was baddly wounded. Finally when I was bored I used an old Katana blade and severed his head. He never saw it coming. *snickers* Like the old saying about the chicken, I was rather amused watching as he kept running nearly twenty paces without his head. That will teach him not to pick fights with shameless murderers... 

Sex: Male
Age: 24
Eyes: Yellow
Occupation: Part time editor
Hair: Black
Soul: Wandering place of death...he doesn't realize he's lost his head yet I don't think. *shrugs*
Body: Burried 

Clues are marked in red. 

Come and catch me if you can;
Just remember I'm no ordinary man.

      Kazutaka Muraki