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muraki_swords's Journal

a new breed of RPG
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Well I noticed there really isn't much interaction between most rp creators and players. I also know from experience that most crash or just never get started so I came up with this mix.

It's like a dinner theater murder show. I play as Muraki and keep you posted on my murders. I give you clues where I am. If you can solve the clues we will play one of three games that I will choose at random. Not all clues will be given the same way. They may be links, pictures, words ect... so keep on your toes.

The games:
1. I will ask you three trivia questions about Muraki or Yami no Matsuei in general. You must answer at least two of these correctly to win.

2. I will post part of a picture and you have to guess what character it is. You will have three chances to guess correctly.

3. I will post three tarot cards. If you can correctly tell me which of these cards represents my victim, you win.

If you win you may name a prize. The only rule to this is that I will not accept requests for hentai or rape. It can be a fan fic with a pairing of your choice, wallpaper from the anime/manga with the charater/s of your choice, icons animated and still. If I can't do it I'll tell you but there's not a lot I can't do.

If you lose a game you must become my slave and help me to thwart the other shinigami from figuring out the clues.

If there is a draw, all players will be emailed privately a set of questions. The one who answers the most questions correctly will be declared the winner.

In the mean time I encourage you to start threads on things that might be going on within the shinigami world. Couples are open to whom ever you'd like. If it involves me (Muraki), please email me and let me know what your character is.

I will post a new murder each time one is solved. The full case reports will be posted after each case is closed, including the winner and their prize.

Before I list the characters available I will go over the few short rules.

1. I'm leaving this com open to all ages, which means you must refrain from using excessive amounts of bad words (however yes swearing is allowed, just not to the point of being annoying) and should be careful as to what you say. Please no blatantly (sexual) graphic scenes. Keep it pg13. In other words if you wouldn't let your daughter read/write it, than don't write it yourself.

2. Real fighting is not allowed for obvious reasons. If need be I will make an argument thread where you can battle it out without disrupting the game.

3. Harassment of any kind will get you banned. If you're having a problem with another member, email me and I will review your case as soon as i can.

This is a list of taken characters. This list will be updated on Fridays as well as most of my own posts.

Hisoka (though since this is me i'll give him up for someone who may want him)

OCs are accepted here. If posting as an OC please make a thread with your character name and a short bio.

If you'd like to be an accomplice to one or more of my murders (aka you're itching to be a bad guy) please fill out the following form and email me with the subject title "assistant to murder"

OC or no:
reason for assistance:
weapon of choice:
murdered why:

please note that i will not kill off main characters, or LJ users. All that being said, have fun!