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the_last_fall [userpic]
The First Murder
by the_last_fall (the_last_fall)
at May 23rd, 2006 (06:22 pm)

Yes that's right, I've committed another murder. Here are the details. 

Sex: Female
Age: 27
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: *chuckle* Well they say not to speak ill of the dead...
Hair: Golden...like Poppet
Soul: Enslaved
Body: Being my pawn, very thin and weak.
Location: Nagasaki Bay.

   First I stalked her, watched her every move for a day and a night. At midnight I caught her as she left a "client's" house and pretended to seduce her as I lured her into a dark ally. There I took out my ritual knife and plunged it into her heart.  This was a quick murder as I had only an hour to complete the spell to enslave her soul before it could go anywhere. *Smirk* She bled a lot though...gave me a nice energy boost. *Frown* I couldn't let her scream too much as this was in a residential area. If you've heard of the case my Beloved and my Poppet were sent on about Maria, you'll know what you're up against this time around.

Now if you want to free her you must find me first. Perhaps I shall make this one easy for you, but do remember that I won't always be in the place of the murder. As you may know, I am still a doctor. Once you find me you will be asked to play a short game. If you win this game I will release the soul...and if you lose I will gain your soul and you will be my slave until another shinigami is able to free you. Perhaps I'd be willing to throw in a bonus if by some slight chance you did win. Supposing you do, name a prize and it is yours. 

You're clues are this:

On the outskirts of town 
Under a statue by the bay
Rivulets of blood can be seen
And all around is deaths sweet spell

Continue with care and don't let your guard down
Hours are slipping quickly away
Ultimately the blood on your hands will never come clean
Relentlessly I'll weave you a personal hell 
Here in the grave yard 
Culminate bodies of my victims; new murders once more

Now remember, I'm making this one easy, but the further along we go the more difficult i will make it for you. Can you solve this riddle and if you do will you beat me at my game?    

Come and catch me if you can;
Just remember I'm no ordinary man.

      Kazutaka Muraki

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